Important News

► Recycling is changing.  Make sure you're Recyle-Ready!  Empty bottles, cans, and containers by pouring out liquids, scraping out food, and wiping out oily or sticky residue.  Visit the City's website to learn more.

► Moving in or out?  Call our Customer Service line at (650) 493-4894 to request additional recycle service. 

► GreenWaste of Palo Alto is on social media:  Find us @GreenWastePA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for collection updates, recycling tips, and a look inside the processing facilities.

► Recycling and Composting Ordinance:  City Council has approved the Recycling and Composting Ordinance.  Everyone in Palo Alto is required to place their discards into the appropriate container – recycle, compost, or garbage. GreenWaste of Palo Alto aids Palo Alto businesses and residents in subscribing to the appropriate service, and implementing training and education measures.  Visit the City's website to learn more.


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