Important News

Regular Collection on Memorial Day:  GreenWaste of Palo Alto drivers will be hard at work this Memorial Day. Remember to set your waste containers out by 6am on your regular service day. 

Recycling is changing.  Make sure you're Recyle-Ready!  Empty bottles, cans, and containers by pouring out liquids, scraping out food, and wiping out oily or sticky residue.  Visit the City's website to learn more.

Recycling and Composting Ordinance:  City Council has approved the Recycling and Composting Ordinance.  Everyone in Palo Alto is required to place their discards into the appropriate container – recycle, compost, or garbage. GreenWaste of Palo Alto aids Palo Alto businesses and residents in subscribing to the appropriate service, and implementing training and education measures.  Visit the City's website to learn more.

Palo Alto's Electric Truck:  We worked with the City of Palo Alto and BYD to make a video about this innovative truck. Check it out!


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