GreenWaste of Palo Alto Services:

Services available to businesses include recyclables, compostables and garbage collection. If you need assistance with recycling, composting, or other zero waste measures, a GreenWaste Environmental Outreach Coordinator (EOC) can assist you, at no additional cost. Assistance includes:

  • Establish service levels, conducting site visits and waste audits
  • Planning for special events
  • Educating employees on how to properly sort their waste with EOC on-site training and meetings
  • Posters and stickers
  • Tours of our processing facilities

Contact Customer Service to reach an EOC at (650) 493-4894.


California law requires businesses to recycle. Check out California's Mandatory Commercial Recycling Law HERE


Commercial Collection Service

Please place all recyclable materials in your BLUE container. Service is available in wheeled carts, bins, debris boxes or compactors in a variety of sizes. Collection is available up to six (6) times per week.

Please place all compostable materials in your GREEN container. Service is available in wheeled carts, bins or compactors in a variety of sizes. Collection is available up to six (6) times per week.

Please place all garbage/landfill materials in your BLACK container. Service is available in cans, carts, bins, debris boxes or compactors in a variety of sizes. Collection is available up to six (6) times per week.

Extra Services Provided

Annual Clean Up Programs
Customers are encouraged to donate all reusable items prior to scheduling their Annual Clean Up Day. Reusing is an essential component of zero waste.
The Clean Up Day program provides businesses with an opportunity to have bulky items and excess recyclables and yard trimmings picked up curbside once per calendar year. Schedule your Clean Up Day by calling GreenWaste at (650) 493-4894 at least one week in advance. Your Clean Up Day will be scheduled on one of your normal collection days. 
You are allowed up to four bulky items (e.g. furniture, mattresses, appliances) with a weight limit of 200 pounds each. Place excess containerized recyclables and yard trimmings curbside for collection. Containers will not be returned and all yard trimmings must be in paper bags or cardboard boxes. Total weight of each container must be less than 60 pounds.
This service provides you with extra recycling capacity for a temporary clean out or file purge that creates more recyclables than your regular recycling service can accommodate. Schedule your Clean Out Service by calling GreenWaste at (650) 493-4894. The Clean Out Service consists of up to two 2-cubic yard recycle bins. You are allowed to have these bins for up to five (5) days per calendar year, at no additional cost. GreenWaste will empty full bins daily, with 24-hour notice, Monday through Saturday.

Bulky Item Collection
Items such as appliances or furniture can be picked up curbside for a fee. To schedule this service, please call Customer Service at 650-493-4894 one week in advance of your regular service day.

E-Waste Collection
Small electronic waste can be placed in your blue recycle container. Televisions and computer monitors are not acceptable in the blue recycle container. Large electronic waste can be picked up curbside as part of the Clean Up Day as a bulky item or can be picked up on your regular service day for a fee.

Useful Links

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