Residents of Single Family Dwellings

Residential Collection Service

Please place all recyclable materials in your BLUE cart. Standard service is one 64 gallon cart. Service is also available in 32 or 96 gallon carts.

Please place all compostable materials in your GREEN cart. Standard service is one 96 gallon compost cart. Service is also available in 20, 32 or 64 gallon carts.

Please place all garbage/landfill materials in your BLACK cart. Standard service is one 32 gallon cart. If you need additional capacity, you may obtain a 64 or 96 gallon cart. The minimum service is a 20 gallon cart.

Extra Services Provided

Annual Clean Up Day
Residents are encouraged to donate all reusable items prior to scheduling their Annual Clean Up Day. Reusing is an essential component of zero waste.
View the visual guidelines HERE
  • Residents may schedule one on-call pick up per calendar year for the collection of up to four (4) bulky items and containerized recyclable materials, yard trimmings and excess garbage.
    • All materials and items set out, excluding the four (4) bulky items, must be inside a non-returnable container or bag. 
  • Materials will be collected only on a pre-scheduled basis on the same day as your regular collection.
  • Bulky items in excess of four (4) will be collected at City-established rates.
  • No single item can weigh more than 200 pounds.
  • Hazardous waste and construction debris are not accepted.
Contact Customer Service at least one week in advance of your scheduled collection. Customer Service will ask about the type and size of materials that you will place out for collection.

Bulky Item Collection
Items such as appliances or furniture can be picked up curbside on your regular service day for a fee. To schedule this service, please call Customer Service at 650-493-4894 one week in advance of your regular service day.

Holiday Tree Collection
For the four weeks following Christmas day, holiday trees will be collected curbside. Trees must be undecorated, unflocked, cut to four-foot lengths with stands removed, and placed curbside next to your compost cart.

E-Waste Collection
Small electronic waste can be placed in your blue recycle container. Televisions and computer monitors are not acceptable in the blue recycle container. Large electronic waste can be picked up curbside as part of the Clean Up Day as a bulky item or can be picked up on your regular service day for a fee. 

Used Motor Oil and Motor Oil Filters
Used motor oil must be in a clear one-gallon plastic container with a tight fitting screw-top lid. Used oil filters must be in a sealed clear tear-resistant bag. Place next to your recycle cart for collection. GreenWaste can provide containers/bags at no additional charge.

Household Batteries & Cell Phones
Household batteries (e.g., AA, AAA, D, nickel cadmium) and cell phones will be collected when put inside a sealed clear tear-resistant bag and placed on top of your recycle cart. GreenWaste can provide bags at no additional charge.

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